CQC Special Measures

Supporting you through Special Measures

Special measures consist of a set of specific interventions designed to improve the quality of care within a reasonable time. In this approach the Care Quality Commission (CQC) will focus on identifying failures in the quality of care and judging whether improvements have been made.  

Special measures are a number of actions that the three health sector regulators can take to turn around hospitals. They do this when a hospital isn’t providing the quality of care patients need or deserve, and where there is concern that the existing management cannot fix the problems on their own. 

The provider is responsible for the care that the service provides and for improving its quality and safety in response to CQC’s judgements and ratings. When a service is in special measures it is the provider’s responsibility to improve it.  The CQC expects the provider to seek out appropriate support to improve the service from its own resources, from other relevant organisations and/or from oversight bodies and this is where CQC Investigations comes in.  

We can work with you to understand your inspection report in detail and to develop a plan to support an efficient transition out of special measures, ready for re-inspection.

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