About CQC Investigations

CQC Investigations comes from a place of solid experience.


With an extensive background in public health services, the team behind CQC Investigations started this business following their own successful appeal against the Care Quality Commission.


Understanding the pressure and stress that staff go through when Special Measures or Enforcements are placed against a Service is key, to not only putting the practical steps in place but equally supporting the teams behind them.



about cqc investigations

We are effective and efficient and keen to not only deliver the right and appropriate outcome for your Service but also to help you to understand how to maintain a good standard of care for years to come.

Understanding the way the CQC conducts inspections and knowing that much of the decision making is as objective as it is subjective, is vital to ensuring the right mix of evidence, procedure and practical application is put forward to the CQC during any form of inspection.

We have been there and done it and we are best placed to help you with meeting the rigorous standards of care demanded by the Care Quality Commission.

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